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​Welcome to PsychoCandy.  We offer an alternative to mass produced seen and worn everywhere.  PsychoCandy has over twenty two years sewing stretch fabrics for the entertainment industry. I design clothing and costumes with and without patterns, take ideas from concept to finished product. I am always looking for new inspiration and ideas. Costumes I have completed have been worn to win titles as well as used in a documentary movie. I view my design and sewing as an ART, not as a job. I specialize in stretch fabrics and excel in this area. I am always open to learning and I am fascinated by new designs, patterns and fabrics. 
I firmly believe you should dress to stand out and not look like the woman next to you. 

Browse our model gallery to get an idea of what we are all about.  Most items are made as one off on a limited run of fabric. 

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